Growing up in Leiden #3

Sun’s shining, spring is here. Really? Finally? To stay? That is, ’till summer?

Let’s hope so!

Hardly a week ago it was so cold, we could finally go iceskating again.

This oh so lovely place is right next to out new home, aren’t we lucky?

In January we finally moved to a nice, sunny house with a garden, which I’ll tell you more about later.

For now, I enjoy the memories of our first winter in this new place.

Christmas decorations

It’s that time of the year again; time to bring out the Christmas decorations!

Not the most fashionable ones perhaps, just the ones that make us happy, and that make our home a comfy colourful welcoming place.


thrifted christmas angels

Our Christmas decorations are thrifted:

thrifted plate


fair trade christmas decorations.jpg

Made by the kids, throughout the years:

kid craft decorations.jpg

And handmade by me:

handmade christmas


That Christmas tree is hard to photograph, but you get the idea I  guess: branches collected in the woods, dried, and tied together, hung on the wall and decorated.


…and it ain’t Christmas ’till I’ve had time to crochet some stars!

Princess juice

These past few weeks, I was just too busy to blog. Even now I am fighting sleep, but I feel that if I don’t try to get back into a blogging routine, I might just not start blogging again anytime soon.

It’s not that there’s nothing to write about, it’s just that the everyday offline life is taking up all my time and energy right now.

It’s June again, and that is always just about the busiest month of the school year. One more month before our summer holidays begin, but so much left to do; at school, at home, at work….

beet and apple juice this green adventure

I try to take care of us all by making sure we go to bed on time, and have an unlimited supply of fruits and vegetables (vitamins!)

I even brushed the dust off my juicer and have started juicing again ( it’s been a while…)

My favorite juices are made with red beets, apples, carrots and pears ( and the occasional piece of cucumber). The beautiful pink colour is very attractive to the girls.

I call these beautiful red drinks ‘princess juice’ and and enjoy watching the kids drink in all those lovely vitamins and all…..

beet and apple juice

Yes, these will keep us going until our vacation finally begins

During which we will embark on a whole new exciting green adventure….. I should share some of it with you soon!

After the rain…… counting my blessings

we’re living in an apartment that seems to shrink with every passing year. The bigger the girls get, the bigger their need for a space of their own, and the more I sometimes long for a bigger house.

But then again, whenever I look out of my window I have to pinch myself: is this true? : living in a city in the most populated part of the country, in a hugh apartment building…and yet… this is our backyard…….


Today when the sun came out after a long and rainy Saturday, I went for a walk in our ‘backyard’ and took some random pictures of all the green that was surrounding me. I am particularly in love with the cow parsley that grows in abundance at this time of the year.

park in Leiden

No, we won’t move away easily from here… we’ll make do with the lack of space inside for now, and try to venture out as often as we can.