Crochet baby cardigan

Yes again, another crochet baby cardigan.

…..Because handmade is fairmade

…..Because this pattern calls for endless colourful variations

…..Because babygirls are born all around us ( boys, where are you?) and these cardigans make such a sweet little gift

…And just….well……because…………..



You can find other variations of this pattern here, and here, and here….


baby blanket: crochet ripple

Last January my niece was born. And don’t you think  every baby ought to have a soft, warm crochet blanket?

I think I started working on this blanket shortly after my sister told me she was expecting a baby. I crocheted a few rows at a time, thus keeping myself busy until shortly before my little niece was born. Very, very therapeutic business for aunties who can hardly wait to meet their little nieces and nephews……




I made the pattern up as I went along. It wasn’t my first ripple blanket, and I learned the trick by watching tutorials on Youtube, like this one. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can make up your on variations quite easily.

The yarn I used is Scheepjeswol Stone washed: a mixture of cotton and acrylics: very, very soft!


corchet babyblanket.jpg





Use what you have crafts #5

Using what you have, not running to the store for again, new yarn, makes creative and leads to surprisingly colourful combinations. It’s a challenge to get started sometimes, to make it work with what I’ve got, I will admit, but the result this time has made me very very happy.

crochet cardigan 2

A crochet bolero, made for my daughter’s 7th birthday. She wore it on her birthday and on many, many of the following days. The pattern was an improvisation on the pattern I used for this baby cardigan, the yarn 100% cotton, the hook 3 mm.

I completely forgot to blog about it once it was finished. I stumbled upon the pictures I took on my camera, and decided to share them anyway. Better late than never so to speak!

Crochet baby cardigan

For a sweet little baby-on-the-way I made a little crochet cardigan. The pattern I found in the Dutch issue of Simply Crochet ( Simply haken 04/2015), and it’s available in the English magazine in Issue no. 32 of this year.

simply crochet1

The pattern starts at a size 1-2 yrs, but I decided to make a smaller version by using a thinner crochet hook and a different kind of yarn. I crocheted with a 4 mm hook, and used a mixture of cotton and acrylic. The green I still had lying around, waiting for a good destination, the other colours I couldn’t help buying during a visit to our local Hema . The result is an extremely soft and almost too sweet little cardigan size 3-6 months…..and me….fallen in love……

crochet baby cardigan

I enjoyed this pattern so much! It’s not complicated at all, you just need to read the pattern carefully and all you need are a few basic stitches. It’s fast too! This pink cardigan was done in one wednesday afternoon. I worked away the threads on a trainride to work (I should crochet more often on the train!), and blocked the cardigan back home, overnight.

crochet for baby2

I fell so in love with the pattern I decided to make another one……for a sweet little girl, using the yarn I have now anyway. I’m not sure this will be the last one I make though…………

Use what you have crafts #4

I am stil working my way through my yarn stash…slowly but steadily…..


Last week I made a new pillow cover for on our couch. I used leftovers from different brands and different types of yarn: cotton, wool and acrylic, it’s all in here. The colours, they match…in a way……and the thickness of the yarn is roughly the same.

crochet pillow1Just a plain large granny square, using a 4mm crochet hook and lots of colourful leftovers…. For the back, I used some Ikea fabric that I still had lying around. I used my sewing machine to sew the crochet part onto the fabric, and I wasn’t sure whether this was a good idea at first, but I think it worked out well. I sewed the pieces of fabric and the crochet square, right sides facing eachother, sewing onto the outer edge of the crochet piece, as you can see in the picture, and then turmed the whole thing, stuffed it and…… there it was our new pillow!

crochet pillow2I’m not through with all leftovers yet so on a cold and rainy summer day I quickly started on a new project; another granny square pillowcase. This one is made up of small grannies crocheted with leftovers of Phildar partner 6 and Phildar partner 3,5  which is a mixture of wool and acrylic, and which makes this a really soft and warm winter pillow. I had to put it aside again though; the sun is out again and I’ve totally lost my interest in making winter stuff (for now) let’s enjoy the summer while it lasts!

crochet pillow4

Use what you have crafts #3

I finished crocheting the red granny ripple blanket which was my previous ‘use what you have’ project, pictures will follow sometime soon.

Since I love making blankets, I soon started a new project. This time I am cheeting a little. All colours are leftovers from myself and others, but I needed something to bring it all together, so I bought some white yarn for this project. I like the bright colours, and the pattern I choose. I don’t know whether there’s a name for this stitch, it’s something I made up along the way but I am really happy with it. The blanket seems twice as thick and is very stretchy…perfect for wrapping around little babies!


Perhaps later on I can write a little tutorial?