Hello you! Welcome to my blog.

My name is Marieke, I am 37 years old, and I am a  mother of three daughters. I live in an old town in The Netherlands. I love to cook, sew, crochet, read and play. And I like to blog.

I  first started blogging at teachers college years ago.  As an assignment, I kept a blog about a little piece of nature here in our park that I would observe weekly.   I wrote about the animals and insects I saw, and about the changes in vegetation over the seasons. I then started a blog about my work as a childcare professional; writing  about projects I worked on with the kids, and reporting about our day to day activities.  I also kept a blog  about all my crafty adventures.  Then, I graduated from teachers college and later, stopped working in childcare. And my crafty blog slowly lost its appeal. I was missing focus and inspiration. I wanted more than just a blogpost here and there about stuff I made and books I read. I missed context.  I gave myself a blog-break and thought long and hard about what I needed to keep on blogging. And I found that what I needed most were a clean slate, a fresh start and a clearer focus.

So here we are…………

This blog will be all about giving  life a creative, green twist while at the same time not making life any more complicated than it already is.

I’ll blog about my creative adventures, reading adventures, childraising adventures and culinary adventures. And, every now and then I’ll try to blog about my ‘green adventures’.

By blogging about the small steps I’m taking towards a more sustainable and environment friendly life, I hope to keep motivating myself, to stay focussed, and to learn lots of new things.

And I’m glad you’re here to join me on my new adventure!





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