baby blanket: crochet ripple

Last January my niece was born. And don’t you think  every baby ought to have a soft, warm crochet blanket?

I think I started working on this blanket shortly after my sister told me she was expecting a baby. I crocheted a few rows at a time, thus keeping myself busy until shortly before my little niece was born. Very, very therapeutic business for aunties who can hardly wait to meet their little nieces and nephews……




I made the pattern up as I went along. It wasn’t my first ripple blanket, and I learned the trick by watching tutorials on Youtube, like this one. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can make up your on variations quite easily.

The yarn I used is Scheepjeswol Stone washed: a mixture of cotton and acrylics: very, very soft!


corchet babyblanket.jpg





2 thoughts on “baby blanket: crochet ripple

  1. It looks lovely. I never got the hang of handicraft (although crochet was slightly better than knitting, which I hated), maybe because I am very, very left-handed. 😉 I know it is supposed to be a mind-soothing activity, but it just drives me crazy… so I don’t do it. I do gardening instead. 🙂
    By the way, belated congratulations for the birth of your niece!

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    1. thanks for your congratulations, she is such a joy! and as for the corcheting, well…..I wish I was a better gardener…that’s something I’m still learning 🙂


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