Stuff I’ve been up to in October

So, if you thought October couldn’t get any better after ‘3 Oktober‘, you’re wrong.

October so far has been good, very busy but very good. Too busy to blog apparently so here’s a little catching up on what I’ve been up to lately.

One of the biggest events this month was the annual ‘Afstudeerfeest’ organised by The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF.  On this day we celebrate the graduation of all our students who graduated over the past year. As always, a great and inspiring event. I organised the children’s part of the program, and that kept me busy on October 10th and in de days and weeks preceding this celebration! But it was a joy, and particularly so because my friend Marije once again decorated the kids with beautiful paintings on their faces and arms.


Furthermore, yes October is Vegan challenge month in The Netherlands, and I signed up!  I will be honest with you…the occasionall bite of milk chocolate or a tiny bit of cheese did happen yes. Especially when eating out I find it hard to be strictly vegan, though I try. It’s a process I guess and as this month is progressing I feel better and better about the whole ‘vegan thing’. Definitely something to continue after October! The daily mails and facebook posts and the  extensive recipes on the Vegan challenge website bring on a lot of motivation and inspiration by the way.

I’ve been focussing on including more and more vegetables in my meals, and have been eating lots of soup this month.

I was also very happy to find kale leafs at our local organic supermarket. You know, the Dutch must be the number 1 kale eaters in the world. We’ve been eating kale since long before it became fashionable, and we all grew up with ‘stampot boerenkool’; which basically consists of a mixture of chopped up kale and mashed potatoes. (which is also just about the only recipe for kale in the entire Dutch cuisine!).  So, the only kale you can buy is chopped up and put in a plastic bag.

Anyway, I stopped counting how many times I ate kale this month, but it was a lot. Imagine the things one can do with those green leaves: kale smoothies, kale pizzas, kalechips, macaroni’n kale…… shall I go on?


Meanwhile the kids are enjoying their fall break, and I will also be taking  a few days of. We’ve already had a sleep over at the grandparents, a visit to Naturalis Biodiversity centre, and an autumwalk looking for chestnuts in the golden sunshine. And there’s more to come. Hurray for holidays!


And finally I am trying to get my crochet-groove back. Crochet is always such a good way of escaping the busy day to day events, but it’s also something that ends up as the last thing on my list all too soon. But now I’ve started on a new crochet scarve for a good cause:


Following a call from @vintageretrokitch on Instagram, I decided to participate in her #swapwithamessage. An initiative to send parcels to the mothers staying in a large refugeecamp in Nijmegen; women who have to look after their children in overcrowded places with little privacy, thousands of kilometers away from what’s left of their homes, and facing an uncertain future. There’s no ‘me time’ for these women, and I fully support the initiative to send them caring welcoming packages!

Now, let’s see what the last week of October will bring!


3 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve been up to in October

  1. Klinkt als een enerverende maand! En fijn dat ik weer deel mocht uitmaken aan het Afstudeerfeest. Succes met de Vegan Challenge, heb je vaker gedaan toch? Misschien doe ik een volgende keer ook wel mee, want de vorige keer is niet helemaal beklijfd. Kaas en koffiemelk, dat zijn mijn grootste zondes.
    Heb je trouwens liever dat ik in het Engels reageer of mag het ook zo? Jouw reactie op mijn blog was niet doorgekomen, maar dat vermoedde je al.
    Het kamp in Nijmegen schijnt trouwens wel moeilijk te doen met goederen toelaten, dat mag alleen via het Stip en alleen spullen die prioriteit hebben, maar daar hebben de initiatiefnemers hopelijk een oplossing op gevonden.


    1. Ha Marije Nederlands is prima! Wat Nijmegen betreft hoop ik dat ze daar idd goed over hebben nagedacht, het gaat wel via iemand ter plaatse….. Vegan challenge is altijd weer leuk en er beklijft tussendoor toch een hoop, ik vind koffie met soyamelk, maar vooral met Almond dream Amandelmelk juist erg lekker nu! Kwestie van wennen denk ik. Kaas gaat meestal prima, heel af en ineens een groot verlangen naar een bruine boterham met kaas, maar dan is het ook weer over……ik ga eens puzzelen op reageren op jouw blog! Fijn weekend


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