Use What You Have crafts

For a while now, my household tends to be a final destination for all kinds of yarn- and fabric scraps. People who know I  love to sew and crochet tend to bring me their leftover pieces of fabric and bits of yarn. Migrating friends, my aunt, other crafty friends……..they know where to find me. And then there are all the scraps and leftovers from my own projects……

To put an end to the ever growing yarn- and fabric stash, I committed myself to making as many projects I could without buying any new materials.

Turns out you can do a lot of colourful, interesting stuff working with the materials at hand, rather than running to the shop time after time.

Like these cute summer hats for example. I made them with leftovers of 100% cotton yarn and designed the pattern myself. I am quite sure I would never have chosen these exact colour-combinatons if I had a shop full of yarn to choose from, but I am pretty pleased with the result!

Since I have nowhere yet reached the bottom of my stash, I intend to post some more ‘Use what you have’ posts soon.

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